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Since we first opened our doors almost four decades ago, we’ve worked every day to get better at everything we do. From one-on-one tutoring to small-group classes, from customer service to website support, we’re always looking to improve. That’s why we ask each of our customers to write a review of their experience at the end of each program using a third-party service to independently verify each review. Good or bad, they’re are all posted right here, unedited and in their entirety, for you to consider as you explore your options for test prep and tutoring. 

We cannot promise that we will be perfect, but we can and do promise that we will never stop trying to achieve it. 

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  1. Diane Gobeil

  2. Jackie Szafara

    Was not impressed with this company. Their teachers were sub par and did not add anything. Would not recommend

  3. Jen

    The individual tutors were very good and Inspirica handled a last minute tutor switch very well. However, when I requested some late summer review (I emailed in early July for late August), I was assured it could be scheduled and I should set up office practice tests. The website was not working, and I could not reach anyone by phone. I heard nothing for several weeks, but I was contacted by a new person and told that the Newton office had closed (although I had scheduled two practices tests there). Then, eventually I was told that no tutors were available due to high demand. I understand the demand, but 8 weeks in advance should have been enough time to schedule 2-3 review sessions and, at the very least, I should have been notified that the Newton Centre office was closing. It was very sloppy and unfortunately, I was not able to get my daughter tutoring with another group so late in the game. Going forward, I would not plan to use Inspirica again.

  4. Lisa

    We are not using Inspirica any more for my children’s tutoring. Did not feel there is personal attention anymore and that the administration was located to far away. Tutors where fine

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