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Since we first opened our doors almost four decades ago, we’ve worked every day to get better at everything we do. From one-on-one tutoring to small-group classes, from customer service to website support, we’re always looking to improve. That’s why we ask each of our customers to write a review of their experience at the end of each program using a third-party service to independently verify each review. Good or bad, they’re are all posted right here, unedited and in their entirety, for you to consider as you explore your options for test prep and tutoring. 

We cannot promise that we will be perfect, but we can and do promise that we will never stop trying to achieve it. 

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  1. Carey B. (Verified Customer)

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    Our two children have both been tutored for the ISEE by Yuliya. Yuliya was exactly the right fit for both, even though they approach learning differently. She knew exactly how to keep them engaged in the process, even over the summer! Their scores were great on the ISEE and both children were admitted to their first choice schools. We know that Yuliya’s expert assistance was instrumental in achieving their goals.

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  2. Carey B.

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    Inspirica makes tutoring a breeze with easy scheduling and a great online platform.

  3. Kimberly (Verified Customer)

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  4. Kimberly

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  5. Joanne M. (Verified Customer)

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  6. Joanne M.

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    Ryan was professional, motivating and easy to work with.

  7. Jennifer and Askjaer

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    From Chris to Aja, everyone was great!

  8. Anonymous

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    I think the onboarding process could of gone smoother.

  9. Joanne Weiss

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    Great experience!

  10. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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    Yuliya did a great job focusing on what our son needed with special focus on verbal.

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  11. Anonymous

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  12. Kathryn Bush

    I found the Inspirica videos to be full of helpful strategies on how to answer and use your limited time to the best of your ability.

  13. shivaleel kirthy

    Nice illustration very helpful

  14. Diane Gobeil

  15. Lois Lee

    My son had a wonderful experience with his tutor Ryan. Their personality was a great fit. Ryan really knew how to keep Alex and motivated. We ended up with a great score–and are grateful to Ryan for all his work with Alex. Have recommended Inspirica to others already.

  16. Sudip Ghatak

    Ricky was fantastic very patient and very knowledgeable. My daughter got accepted to her first choice school with a $20 k per year scholarship. So though sessions were more than other programs we think of it as an investment that pays off in the end. I will enroll my son when he is ready in a few years. Thank you so very much for everything.

  17. Erin Nealy-Cox

    My daughter had traditional one-on-one ACT tutoring but Inspirica added to that and allowed my daughter to take her ACT to the next level. We were very happy with how much she learned and improved. And she put in the work to make it happen!

  18. Kathleen Glassie

    My son, Jack was privately tutored for three months. Results speak volumes – 31 on the practice test and 34 on his last test. Inspirica is expensive, but if your son or daughter is willing to put in the effort, worth the investment.

  19. Mara Shore

    The individualized tutoring that all three of my children received from Inspirica was targeted and efficient. Smart, skilled and experienced tutors quickly and perceptively honed in on specific areas of weakness and helped my children to achieve fantastic scores on their SATs and ACTs.

  20. Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen

    The tutor was reliable and helped our son to improve his SAT score slightly. Unfortunately he did not give him enough support concerning the essay writing part of the SAT.

  21. Jackie Szafara

    Was not impressed with this company. Their teachers were sub par and did not add anything. Would not recommend

  22. Roxana Spitaleri

    Tutors are very time effective. They are very kind with young students.

  23. Lauryn Taylor

    This program was truly amazing. I was given the opportunity to try this through a give away on Facebook. I took a practice SAT before and got a 1220 and after watching the two videos I got a 1310. I am impressed! The strategies work!

  24. Zuleika Font

    Son loved his tutor! I Donely was he graded his job, but he offered him a lot of very helpful advice and encouragement. I would gladly sign him up again if needed

  25. Stephanie

    I don’t know what we would have done without Inspirica. We were so fortunate to have Alex Whalen when he was still doing direct tutoring. He can relate to students in a way that keeps the sessions fun and interactive. He provided structure. Most of all, he provided encouragement and support. Thank you! Thank you!

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