Since we first opened our doors almost 40 years ago, we’ve been constantly striving to get better at what we do. From one-on-one programs to online courses to general customer service, we’re continually looking to improve in every aspect of our work. This quest for improvement is one of the main reasons we prioritize transparency in all our offerings, and that transparency starts the minute you schedule a consultation or sign up for tutoring: we emphasize open and honest lines of communication for the duration of our programs, and every recommendation we make is aimed at getting you the highest possible score in the smallest amount of time.

It doesn’t stop after you finish working with us, either. We reach out to all clients at the conclusion of their programs or courses to ask for reviews; good or bad, those reviews are then posted right here, unedited and in their entirety. If you’ve worked with us in the past and haven’t posted your feedback or if you’re currently working with us and have something to say now, you can share your thoughts with us at any time here. We’d love to hear from you.

  1. Kathryn Bush

    I found the Inspirica videos to be full of helpful strategies on how to answer and use your limited time to the best of your ability.

  2. shivaleel kirthy

    Nice illustration very helpful

  3. Diane Gobeil

  4. Lois Lee

    My son had a wonderful experience with his tutor Ryan. Their personality was a great fit. Ryan really knew how to keep Alex and motivated. We ended up with a great score–and are grateful to Ryan for all his work with Alex. Have recommended Inspirica to others already.

  5. Sudip Ghatak

    Ricky was fantastic very patient and very knowledgeable. My daughter got accepted to her first choice school with a $20 k per year scholarship. So though sessions were more than other programs we think of it as an investment that pays off in the end. I will enroll my son when he is ready in a few years. Thank you so very much for everything.

  6. Erin Nealy-Cox

    My daughter had traditional one-on-one ACT tutoring but Inspirica added to that and allowed my daughter to take her ACT to the next level. We were very happy with how much she learned and improved. And she put in the work to make it happen!

  7. Kathleen Glassie

    My son, Jack was privately tutored for three months. Results speak volumes – 31 on the practice test and 34 on his last test. Inspirica is expensive, but if your son or daughter is willing to put in the effort, worth the investment.

  8. Mara Shore

    The individualized tutoring that all three of my children received from Inspirica was targeted and efficient. Smart, skilled and experienced tutors quickly and perceptively honed in on specific areas of weakness and helped my children to achieve fantastic scores on their SATs and ACTs.

  9. Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen

    The tutor was reliable and helped our son to improve his SAT score slightly. Unfortunately he did not give him enough support concerning the essay writing part of the SAT.

  10. Jackie Szafara

    Was not impressed with this company. Their teachers were sub par and did not add anything. Would not recommend

  11. Roxana Spitaleri

    Tutors are very time effective. They are very kind with young students.

  12. Lauryn Taylor

    This program was truly amazing. I was given the opportunity to try this through a give away on Facebook. I took a practice SAT before and got a 1220 and after watching the two videos I got a 1310. I am impressed! The strategies work!

  13. Zuleika Font

    Son loved his tutor! I Donely was he graded his job, but he offered him a lot of very helpful advice and encouragement. I would gladly sign him up again if needed

  14. Stephanie

    I don’t know what we would have done without Inspirica. We were so fortunate to have Alex Whalen when he was still doing direct tutoring. He can relate to students in a way that keeps the sessions fun and interactive. He provided structure. Most of all, he provided encouragement and support. Thank you! Thank you!

  15. Yuka

    Hi, my son loved working with Donald. Donald is an amazing tutor and was always ready to help!

    Whenever I had questions, Donald responded me right away with thorough answers. If I know of anybody looking for a test prep, I will recommend Donald and Inspirica for sure.

    Thank you!

  16. DonnaMarie

    My son used Inspirica to help him prepare for his LSAT exam. His tutor definitely gave him the necessary tools he needed to master this difficult exam. As a parent, I would receive updates, on my son’s progress, which made me understand where my son’s weaknesses and strengths were, and what they were going to proceed going forward.

  17. Rob

    Heading into tutoring, we didn’t really know as parents what to expect. Tutoring wasn’t something we did as kids, but at some point along the way it seems to have become the norm? Well, let’s just say after this experience that my husband and I both wish that we’d had tutors like the ones Inspirica sent out way. Absolutely amazing, and we cannot recommend them highly enough!

  18. Mamta

    Thank you so much for the incredible support given to my daughter for her ISEE (Upper level) tests. Her tutor Yuliya Aleksandrov was very sweet and helpful. She did an excellent job helping my daughter prepare for the test.
    The overall experience with Inspirica was absolutely wonderful.

  19. Jen

    The individual tutors were very good and Inspirica handled a last minute tutor switch very well. However, when I requested some late summer review (I emailed in early July for late August), I was assured it could be scheduled and I should set up office practice tests. The website was not working, and I could not reach anyone by phone. I heard nothing for several weeks, but I was contacted by a new person and told that the Newton office had closed (although I had scheduled two practices tests there). Then, eventually I was told that no tutors were available due to high demand. I understand the demand, but 8 weeks in advance should have been enough time to schedule 2-3 review sessions and, at the very least, I should have been notified that the Newton Centre office was closing. It was very sloppy and unfortunately, I was not able to get my daughter tutoring with another group so late in the game. Going forward, I would not plan to use Inspirica again.

  20. Mara

    Inspirica provides excellent test prep for my students and helped them achieve scores that qualified them to gain admission to the top schools in the country.

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