SSAT Elite Prep (Elementary Level)


Sixteen hours of tutoring in twelve one-on-one sessions and a comprehensive digital curriculum and testing platform for $3100.

Available for Enrollment

What’s more important to you in your test prep, consistency or flexibility? We have no way of knowing what you answered, but it doesn’t really matter – you shouldn’t have to choose, and with Elite Prep, you don’t.

Want to work with the same tutor at the same time on the same day every week? We got you covered. Want to work with 12 different tutors on 12 different days? We can’t do that, because there are only seven days in a week and we’re not magicians, but we’ll get you as close as we can. And no matter what schedule you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with the best team in the business.

One-On-One Tutoring
Using the intuitive scheduler found inside the course website, you’ll choose the day and time that work best for you for each one-on-one session – no technological knowledge required. Work with the same tutor every week or switch it up for varying perspectives; it’s entirely up to you.

Complete Course Website
The minute you enroll, you’ll get access to a course website that includes everything you need to succeed, from strategy guides and practice tests to the intuitive session-scheduling system. Well, everything except a brain; you’ll need to supply that yourself.

Official Tests And Materials
When you sign up for Elite Prep, you’ll get access to a Valedictorian-level Test Innovators account at no extra charge. Your tutor will help you use the official practice tests, problem sets, and detailed analytics to crush the test.


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