ACT & SAT Flex Prep: Small-Group Classes + Practice Testing


Learn from your peers and our expert instructors as you review a rotating selection of eight official SAT and ACT exams in weekly small-group sessions.

Group work is an essential part of the learning process for many students, which means it’s an important component of the Flex Prep system. In Inspirica’s take on small group test prep, each 1.25-hour small-group session is devoted to reviewing a specific ACT or SAT test form; your instructor will cover the most notable problems on and features of the test before answering your questions.

Each session in our small group prep classes will review one test in detail, so you must complete the designated test in full before attending class. Otherwise, you’ll just… kind of sit there. All SAT practice tests come from the SAT Official Guide and will be supplied to you as PDFs. All ACT practice tests come from the ACT Official Guide, which will be provided for you in e-book form if you don’t already have a copy — free of charge, because we’re the best.

Sessions are offered at eight different times each week, with multiple options for weekdays and weekends. The test form covered in a given timeslot rotates on a weekly basis. You’ll gain access to the small-group scheduler for a year, and you can attend as many of these sessions as you want for one or both of the ACT and SAT in that time period. Test order doesn’t matter, and you can select sessions with whichever tutor or tutors you prefer; it’s entirely up to you, so go crazy!

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