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Ten weeks of private one-on-one test prep.

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What if we told you that we could teach you everything you need to know to crush the test in a single day? Elite Prep contains 24 hours of instructional time spread over a ten-week course, all delivered by the best and brightest tutors in the business. Work with the same tutor from start to finish, or switch things up from week to week for maximum scheduling options and varying perspectives.

Ten Weeks Of One-On-One Tutoring
Prior to your first session, you’ll work through a series of assignments designed to allow you and your tutor to get straight to work on improving your scores, with no time wasted along the way. After that first session, you’ll complete a full practice test on our digital practice-testing platform, the results of which will be used by your tutor to guide your next session. Rinse, repeat, and crush the test. It’s that easy!

Pre-Test Crash Course
As a bonus, all Elite Prep students get free access to our two-hour Crash Course, which is integrated directly into this course. This fast-moving on-demand video allows you to conveniently review everything you’ve learned before heading in to take the official test.

Complete Course Website
The minute you enroll, you’ll get access to a course website that includes everything you need to succeed, including strategy guides, practice tests, the scheduling system, and a library of on-demand videos.

Library Of Instructional Videos
Zoom in on specific techniques and concepts with our ever-growing library of on-demand videos.

Digital Practice-Testing Platform
Use our digital testing and analytics platform as your practice-testing companion; it will time, score, and analyze your results as you work so that your tutor can help you decide exactly how best to spend your valuable time.


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