Flex Prep: On-Demand Instruction + Practice Testing for ACT & SAT

Unlock your best score with almost 13 hours of on-demand video split between the core strategies for the ACT and SAT, a comprehensive strategy guide for each test, access to more than a dozen official tests, and an account on our digital practice-testing platform. The ideal foundation to help you conquer the test!


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ABOUT Flex Prep: On-Demand Instruction + Practice Testing for ACT & SAT

Have you ever wished that someone would take 13 hours out of their day to give you an in-depth introduction to all the essential core strategies for the ACT and SAT? Of course you have; who hasn’t? Well, we did just that, because we like you! And also because it’s literally our job. With the On-Demand Test Prep Instruction + Practice Testing component of Inspirica’s Flex Prep system for ACT and SAT, you get:

  • Inspirica’s test strategy guide, which is chock-full of the fundamental techniques you’ll need to crush the test;
  • The accompanying on-demand video library, wherein one of our brilliant test experts will go over those same core strategies for each section of the test and show you how to apply them;
  • Trial accounts on each of our SAT and ACT digital practice-testing and analytics platforms, which include one full-length practice exam for each test;
  • An upgrade to the practice-testing account for the test of your choice, unlocking full access to numerous official test PDFs and the accompanying data & analysis.

Whether the On-Demand Instruction + Practice Testing package is your first step in one of our longer programs or your curriculum for independent prep, it’s an invaluable resource as you work towards your best score!