Elite LSAT Prep: One-on-One LSAT Prep Packages

Select the package of 10 sessions and we’ll add an 11th at no additional charge!



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ABOUT Elite LSAT Prep: One-on-One LSAT Prep Packages

Same great tutors, lower session price when you buy a package of hours with Inspirica’s Elite LSAT Prep program. You can purchase a bundle of five 1.75-hour sessions for $1875 — saving you $50 per session compared to our Premier Prep service — or choose the 10-session package for $3750 and we’ll add an 11th session at no additional charge!

Can’t get enough of us? Want to add extra sessions for some last-minute review? You can do that from within the Elite LSAT Prep course at the same discounted rate of $375 per session. You might as well start polishing that application essay now.