Jonah Fishel

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After moving to Philadelphia in 2016, and having been tutoring on the side for eight years, Jonah decided to go pro with a full-time tutoring job. He’s been with Inspirica ever since. For more, see the complete bio below.

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ACT/SAT: $245
Academic: $240
Master Tutor: $400

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Tutor Bio

Jonah actually liked Latin class in high school, so tutoring his peers for $10/hr after school was a logical choice for him in 10th grade. He branched out into science and math in his senior year, and then added SAT/ACT tutoring to his offerings while he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Storytelling (and a minor in Religious Studies and Computer Science). After moving to Philadelphia in 2016, and having been tutoring on the side for eight years, Jonah decided to go pro with a full-time tutoring job. He’s been with Inspirica ever since.

Jonah now works full-time as Inspirica’s jack-of-all-trades, using his experience learning about and tutoring a wide variety of subjects to provide niche prep programs for unusual subjects. In his three years at Inspirica, Jonah has tutored every science subject, three different levels of calculus, an intro to business course, and literally every Latin program that has come through the door. Of course, Jonah also has eight years of experience tutoring the SAT and the ACT, and prep for those tests form the majority of his tutoring experience.

Jonah also has experience working with many different types of learners with diverse needs, and prides himself on individualizing a student’s test prep program by tailoring his approach to their learning style, or by incorporating information from the student’s IEP. While Jonah’s favorite subject to tutor varies depending on what he’s tutoring at the moment you ask him, he consistently enjoys tutoring students in higher-level sciences. His proudest moment as a tutor was bringing a disinterested student’s ACT Science section score from a 13 to a 34—an outlier, sure, but a perfect example of what Jonah loves most about tutoring: teaching a student to get invested and care about what they are learning, not just the score on the test.

When he’s not tutoring, Jonah works as the IT and tech support branch of Inspirica, single-handedly reminding every tutor, staff member, student, and parent of what their passwords are and how to get into class. When he isn’t on the other end of the chat support bot, Jonah is studying for his Master’s of Education graduate program, practicing his guitar skills, or sleeping on the couch with one or both of his dogs.

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