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Jacob Pankow

Sessions can be booked with this tutor at the following days and times (Eastern):

Mon: 2pm-8pm
Tue: 12pm-4pm
Wed: 2pm-8pm
Thu: 2pm-8pm
Fri: 12pm-8pm


Jacob likes to tell people he was born for this. His parents are teachers. His grandparents are teachers. Education runs in the family. So after double majoring in History and Theology at Notre Dame, Jacob taught high school social studies for six years, picking up a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Portland along the way. He has a bit of an addiction to learning though, so last year he left the classroom to pursue another Master’s, this time in Politics from NYU. That of course meant relocating to New York City, but thanks to Inspirica, Jacob never had to say goodbye to the family business.

As a teacher and tutor Jacob has helped his students prepare for everything from 6th grade entrance exams to college application essays. He’s prepped kids for ACTs and taught study-skills classes for students with learning difficulties. And he has definitely dedicated more hours of his life to SAT math problems than he ever anticipated.

But he loves every minute of it. Standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and ISEE are his wheelhouse, and years of teaching AP classes made him a pretty adept writing tutor to boot. His formula is simple. He makes sure his pupils define success in terms of effort, not simply results. Then he gives them all the tools they need to succeed and tops things off with some relentless encouragement.

His absolute favorite part of education is the joy on kids’ faces when they realize how satisfying hard work can be. Once they’re hooked on that intrinsic motivation, positive results are never far behind. His proudest tutoring moment might be the time one of his students went from frustrated and unable to finish a single ACT section to earning a 33 on his last exam. There is no greater validation of a student’s hard work than when it opens a door to schools at the top of their list, and Jacob feels privileged to be a (small) part of that process.

When he’s not working or studying, you’ll often find Jacob halfway up a wall at his local rock-climbing gym. Although sometimes he prefers slightly less dangerous activities like “reading nonfiction on the couch” or “pretending to know how to cook.”

A one-time setup fee of $99-$395.
Individual one-on-one sessions for $245/hour.


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