ACT & SAT Flex Prep: 2x 1.25-Hour One-on-One Sessions + Digital Practice-Testing Platform


Save more than $100 by bundling two one-on-one sessions with our digital practice-testing and analytics platform!


The one-on-one component of Inspirica’s Flex Prep gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your test strategy alongside an expert coach. You’ll receive access to Test Innovators — our ACT/SAT practice-testing interface — as well as five official tests. Hone your technique by taking a practice test using TI, then schedule a one-on-one session with a tutor at whatever day and time work best for you. The test expert you select will work with you to tailor the core strategies to your specific strengths & weaknesses using TI’s in-depth analytical data.

Each 1.25-hour session costs $250, and when you purchase this package, we’ll deposit credits for two sessions into your account; you’ll use those credits to pay for your first two sessions as you book them. If you decide you’d like to add more sessions once your credits run out, you can pay for them with your credit card on an individual basis at the same rate without missing a beat.

At Inspirica, we speak ‘test’ — after our tutors get done with you, you will too.

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