Emily Rudy

Emily Rudy

Sessions can be booked with this tutor at the following days and times (Eastern):

Mondays: 3:30pm-7pm
Tuesdays: 3:30pm-7pm
Wednesdays: 3:30pm-7pm
Thursdays: 3:30pm-7pm
Fridays: 3:30pm-7pm
Saturdays: 9am-7pm
Sundays: 9am-7pm


Emily has been working with students since she was a student herself. She tutored her fellow classmates as a member of the National Honor Society during high school. From there, she attended college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology while minoring in health, science, society, and policy (more often referred to as HSSP at her much-loved alma mater). It was during college that her love of education led her to a career path that would allow her to work with students and their families. She earned her master’s degree in school counseling from Boston College, and now she works at a middle school and absolutely loves it!

It was during graduate school that Emily began working at Inspirica after a fellow classmate told her about the company. Over the last several years, Emily has tutored a wide range of tests and subject areas including the ISEE, SSAT, and math and language arts for students across grades four through eight.

One of her favorite things about her job is working with so many wonderfully talented and motivated students. It is a true honor to see the excitement on her students’ faces when they see their stanine scores on the ISEE jump from a two to a seven, thus putting them where they need to be for their number one school choice.

When Emily is not at work, she enjoys taking walks around her hometown of Canton, Massachusetts, visiting her best friend of twenty-two years who lives out-of-state, watching some of her favorite television shows on Hulu, and cooking dinner for her family. She also deeply enjoys spending time with her black and white cat Felix, despite the fact that he usually prefers to nap and ignore her most of the day. But he is very handsome and fluffy, so she forgives him!

A one-time setup fee of $99-$395.
Individual one-on-one sessions for $245/hour.


An Overview of Inspirica's Premier Prep System

Each tutor works with a limited number of students, and there is a one-time fee to reserve a spot on the tutor’s roster. Doing so grants you immediate access to the tutor’s calendar via My Account, allowing you to book sessions at the days and times of your choosing.

Sessions can be booked up to 45 days in advance. Once a session is booked it can be rescheduled at no charge up to 24 hours prior. All sessions take place using Zoom, and links to the Zoom meeting will be listed on your calendar at My Account.

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