Crash Course for SAT or ACT

Inspirica’s Crash Course is your one-stop shop for the most essential test-taking strategies and tactics. Get the most important tips and tricks for all four sections of the test in one on-demand video for just $99!



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ABOUT Crash Course for SAT or ACT

It’s never too late to prep! If you’re getting a late start or in need of some last-minute review, Inspirica’s Crash Course is for you. Simply select the test you’re prepping for — ACT or SAT — and you’ll receive access to an on-demand, two-hour video session that boils every section of that test down to its most essential elements and teaches you the strategies that will have an immediate impact on your score. You don’t have time for fluff, and you won’t find any here. So what are you waiting for?!

Essential Test-Taking Strategies
Our Crash Courses focus only on the most important strategies & techniques so that you get the absolute most out of your time.

Four Sections, Two Hours
Covering the entire test in just two hours, Crash Courses are perfect for students who have too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

One Price, One Month
One flat fee gives you access to either the Crash Course ACT or Crash Course SAT course for an entire month. Watch it in a single sitting, break it up multiple pieces, or watch it once, do some practice, and then review.