Caleb Kim

Caleb Kim

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Caleb hails from the Foothills of Southern California but now considers Boston as his home. He began as an informal tutor for many of his friends during high school, where his notoriety grew and turned him into a tutor for friends’ siblings and friends of friends. He successfully helped many pass the onerous trials of all kinds of AP math and science courses. He continued this track while at Williams College, where he majored in Biology but also enjoyed many other subjects such as math, chemistry, religion, and philosophy. He has been an Inspirica tutor for the past 3 years but really has been tutoring for the last 15 years.

Given his background, Caleb loves teaching the AP sciences and math. However, he is no slouch when it comes to writing and enjoys passing on the secrets of clear and concise written communication. But if he had to choose, Caleb really enjoys students helping students get the better of tests such as SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT.

No matter the starting point, Caleb believes in his students and has high expectations for them. He remembers one student in particular who worked with him for two tests: the SAT Chemistry Subject Test and the ACT. The student was able to improve from 540 to 710 for the Subject Test and from 27 to 32 for the ACT. Above all, what made Caleb proud was how this student became a confident test taker by the end of their program. He is ready to support his students through all types of obstacles, from topical confusion to lack to confidence to poor test-taking habits. So, whether it be helping high school students answer questions about Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s discourse on education and women on the SAT or helping elementary school students learn negative numbers (the most difficult tutoring he’s ever had to do), Caleb will go the distance with his students.

Outside of tutoring, Caleb enjoys playing basketball (not these days, unfortunately), tennis, board games, and video games. He likes the idea of reading and sometimes will actually finish a book. He dreams of one day being an expert in mushroom foraging and fishing to sustain himself in the wild but is not sure if and when that will happen, as he also enjoys his life at home with his wife and their yappy chihuahua Jerry.

A one-time setup fee of $99-$395.
Individual one-on-one sessions for $245/hour.


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