ACT & SAT Flex Prep: Build Your Own Bundle


Inspirica’s Build Your Own Bundle feature lets you pick from the pool of individual Flex Prep components and combine them in whatever way you’d like. No matter how you Flex, you’ll get everything you need to conquer the test.


So you know you want to prep for the ACT or SAT with Inspirica — because let’s be honest, we’re fantastic — and you like the look of that whole ‘Flex Prep’ thing. Problem is, you’re not in love with any of the packages of components that are listed. Totally fine! Our feelings aren’t hurt, we swear. Our Build-A-Bundle feature was made for you, you maverick. This option lets you pick from the pool of individual components of Flex Prep and combine them in whatever way you’d like. Your personal bundle can include any or all of:

  • 13 hours of on-demand instructional videos split between the ACT and SAT;
  • Access to the complete lineup of eight weekly small-group practice test review sessions (four ACT, four SAT);
  • 1.25-hour one-on-one coaching sessions;
  • An account on our digital practice-testing and analytics platform.

These components are designed to be useful in any combination and any sequence, so you’re free to pick however many you want and structure them in whatever way works best for you as a student.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to crush the test. The only right way to combine them is your way.

On-Demand Video Library for ACT & SAT

No, Yes (+$249)

Small-Group Classes for ACT & SAT

No, Yes (+$495)

1.25-hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions

None, 1 (+$250), 2 (+$500)

Digital Practice-Testing Platform

None, ACT (+$119), SAT (+$119)


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