Alex Whalen

Alex Whalen

Sessions can be booked with this tutor at the following days and times (Eastern):

Mon:  6pm-10pm
Tue:  6pm-10pm
Wed: 6pm-10pm
Thu: 6pm-10pm
Fri: Unavailable
Sat: Unavailable
Sun: Unavailable


As the Head of Learning and Innovation, Alex is responsible for making sure that our teams of education professionals are equipped with the very best technologies and curriculum available. The essence of tutoring hasn’t changed over the many decades we’ve been working with families, but the tools available to both tutors and students undoubtedly have, and it is my mission to make certain that everyone who works for and with us is given everything they need to succeed.

Having worked as a tutor here at Inspirica for nearly fifteen years before taking on my current role, I know first-hand just how important the work we do is to our families, and I promise to do everything I can to ensure that when your student sits down with one of our tutors, they will both have everything they need to make the most of their time together.


A one-time setup fee of $99-$395.
Individual one-on-one sessions for $245/hour.


An Overview of Inspirica's Premier Prep System

Each tutor works with a limited number of students, and there is a one-time fee to reserve a spot on the tutor’s roster. Doing so grants you immediate access to the tutor’s calendar via My Account, allowing you to book sessions at the days and times of your choosing.

Sessions can be booked up to 45 days in advance. Once a session is booked it can be rescheduled at no charge up to 24 hours prior. All sessions take place using Zoom, and links to the Zoom meeting will be listed on your calendar at My Account.

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