ACT & SAT Fundamentals On-Demand Test Prep Video Library

Build the foundation you need to crush the test with Inspirica’s Test Prep Fundamentals video library — 40 years of experience distilled into six hours of the most essential test strategies, techniques, and shortcuts.


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ABOUT ACT & SAT Fundamentals On-Demand Test Prep Video Library

Have you ever wished that someone would take six hours out of their day to give you an in-depth introduction to all the essential core strategies for the ACT or SAT? Of course you have; who hasn’t? Well, we did exactly that, because we like you! And also because it’s literally our job. Inspirica’s Test Prep Fundamentals Library package includes access to more than 13 hours of on-demand test prep videos:

  • Inspirica’s test strategy guide, which is chock-full of the fundamentals you’ll need to crush the test;
  • and the accompanying on-demand video library, wherein one of our brilliant test experts goes over those same core strategies for each section of the test and shows you how to apply them.

Whether this library of test prep videos is your first step in one of our longer programs or your curriculum for independent prep, it will be an invaluable resource for you as you work towards your best score!