• SAT Elite Prep

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    This twelve-week course is two weeks of small-group instruction and ten weeks of private one-on-one coaching. This is the best possible way to get ready for the SAT: bring Inspirica’s 35+ years of expertise into your living room with three months of world-class tutoring on-demand.

  • SAT Dynamic Prep

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    This eight-week course is half small-group instruction and half private one-on-one coaching. Prep for the SAT how, when, and where you want with our flexible small-group programs and personal session scheduler, and tap into Inspirica’s 35+ years of expertise on this test with our sleek and time-tested eight-week curriculum.

  • SAT Flex Prep

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    This month-long course is made up of four week-long units, each focused on a specific section of the test. Schedule private homework review sessions with our instructors for additional practice, or take advantage of the comprehensive video library to tap into our 35+ years of expertise while working how, when, and where you want.

  • SAT Rapid Prep

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    If you have limited time before test day and want to prepare as efficiently as possible, Rapid Prep is for you. This fast-moving week-long course streamlines prep into four hours of class, which can be attended live or by watching videos on-demand. And within the class, you’ll find the option to add a one-on-one session with an instructor to discuss the strategies and review your work, too. No wasted time, no wasted effort – just a higher score.

  • SAT Crash Course

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    Designed for students getting a late start or those in need of some last-minute review, this two-hour session boils every test section down to its most essential elements to teach you the strategies that will have an immediate impact on your score. You don’t have time for fluff, and you won’t find any here!