Why TI’s System Works Better with a Tutor

While Test Innovators (TI) is great for any student preparing for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT or ACT, it is even better when you pair the TI system and a tutor. The Test Innovator platform offers assessment and timing data for students and tutors. It also offers monitoring for tutors to track students’ work and progress. The analytic data that TI collects helps tutors maximize their work with students in their sessions. It can show the tutor which questions or question types that students are spending the most time on or having the most trouble with and be able to quickly address any issues.

After a test is completed, your tutor can use the TI SSAT score to help customize the sessions and further hone the skills needed for success. Test Innovators is always looking to stay current with the most recent testing information from each of the major tests.

A Useful Tool for Tutors

I use the TI platform for all of my SSAT and ISEE students. It helps me to keep an eye on the progress of students throughout the week and in-between our sessions. It gives me an opportunity to plan and customize our next session and allows me to focus on what the student needs to improve. The analytic data provided after each test is immensely beneficial. It allows me to see how the timing went and see which questions or question types took the most time. Timing is an important aspect of almost any standardized test and that is no different with the SSAT.

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