GMAT At Home — Now a Permanent Option!

What many in the testing industry have suspected has now become a reality — the GMAT Online, the at-home version of the GMAT, is now a permanent option. Originally implemented in April of last year as a temporary solution to the COVID-induced closures of GMAT test centers, the GMAT Online will now be a fixed component of your GMAT preparation plans. As test center closures are still an issue in various regions of the U.S. and throughout the world, you now have the security of knowing your business school application plans can proceed as scheduled. What’s more, you now also have the option of planning a mix of both test center and at-home versions into your testing schedule.

Take the GMAT At Home: GMAT Online

The GMAT Online has now been in operation for the last 10 months; consequently, the test makers have had ample opportunity to work out the initial kinks. One of the biggest of these initial drawbacks was that students had to use the prescribed online whiteboard to do scratch work on the test. This was a deal breaker for many students who did not want to deal with doing scratch work using a mouse. Students are now allowed to use a designated whiteboard and felt tip marker, an adjustment that makes a world of difference.

Facts to Consider if You Want to Start Preparing for the GMAT At Home

  • Now permanently available!
  • Compared to standard format, the GMAT At Home has 3 exam sections – Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning (the AWA essay is excluded)
  • Number of items per section, time per section, and scoring is the same as the test-center based exams
  • Order of sections, however, is fixed: Quant/Verbal/Integrated Reasoning (with one optional 5-minute break)
  • Disability accommodations are available just as they are for test-center based exams
  • GMAT Online is available 7 days a week, taken At Home, at any hour of day
  • GMAT At Home is observed by a human proctor and can be taken on a MAC or PC
  • Erasable whiteboard or online whiteboard are allowed for scratch work

GMAT At Home vs. Test-Center Based Exam

  • Unlike the test center version, scores on GMAT Online will be posted within 7 days and are not available immediately after completion of the exam
  • Students cannot cancel their GMAT Online score
  • Students can take the GMAT Online no more than two times, but they are allowed to submit their higher score
  • GMAC provides a chart that outlines the full set of differences

GMAT Overview:

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) was created by the Graduate Management Admission Council and is used by business schools throughout the United States for admissions. Much like the GRE, the GMAT involves content students often have not seen since high school, so GMAT test preparation typically requires a mix of tutoring and extensive self-study. Testing is done on individually scheduled dates throughout the year at private testing centers just about anywhere in the world. And, as announced above, students have the permanent option of taking the GMAT at home (also known as GMAT Online). Consequently, GMAT registration and test dates are chosen at the student’s discretion based on the progress of the GMAT test preparation online. The GMAT uses a computer system that adapts the test to each student’s individual performance. This question-adaptive computer interface is unique to the GMAT and is a major component of the GMAT score. Thus, if you want to know how to prepare form the GMAT exam at home, you must recognize that practicing the process of taking the test is just as important as mastering the content that is tested. Inspirica’s approach to taking the GMAT at home begins with this fact, and your tutor will ensure that you go into test day having had ample experience with the mechanics of taking the test.

Take the GMAT At Home with Inspirica to Guide You

Inspirica’s approach to GMAT test prep at home starts with recognizing the differing needs of students applying to graduate programs. We’ve seen every type of student, from those who are in college and want to enroll in business school immediately upon graduation to those who have been out of college and working full-time for years. If you want to know how to prepare for the GMAT exam at home, our team will work with you to find a tutor who fits your availability, and your tutor will focus on teaching content, strategy, and technique. The tutor will also help you guide your independent preparation as you practice those techniques and review content on your own, in whatever proportion is optimal for you.

More than most other standardized tests, there are certain aspects of taking the GMAT at home that are impossible to replicate through homework alone, which is one of the reasons that regular practice tests are a staple of our GMAT at home programs. Your tutor will help you set up a schedule of periodic mock tests that will give you the opportunity to practice the techniques you’ve learned in the context of a full test while also familiarizing you with the experience of taking the full test straight through. This practice with the test-taking experience is particularly important in GMAT at home programs, as students need to become comfortable with the question-adaptive computer interface. After each mock test, you and your tutor will go over the results together in detail, using them to revise your practice plan. You’ll then be able to see the product of your hard work and determine what part of the test to attack next.

For GMAT at home test prep online programs, you’ll take official practice tests released by the GMAC using the same software that you’ll use when you take the real test. The practice version of the software scores the test in the same way the actual GMAT is scored but still allows you to review each question individually, giving you and your tutor the opportunity to deconstruct your results in order to pinpoint exactly why and how your right answers were right and your wrong answers wrong.

Want to Start Preparing for the GMAT at Home?

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