Knowledge Is Power

No matter what test you’re preparing for, the first step in any successful prep program is understanding the rules of the game. Or, as a wise man (Kendrick Lamar? Pretty sure it was Kendrick) once said, “Know your enemy.”

Fortunately, we’ve been around the block a few times, so we know a few things — almost 40 years’ worth of things, in fact. And because you’re our favorite, we want you to be able to know things, too. So if you have questions about the test, from scoring to accommodations to fundamental strategies, you can find the answers here. And if you don’t see the information you’re looking for, let us know at help@inspirica.com and we’ll fill in the gap just as soon as we can.

GRE Prep
Ryan Furiness

2021-2022 GRE Analytical Writing Section Overview: An Essay Unlike Any Other

Most students in college will have already written the closest thing to the GRE essay in high school, when they wrote the essay for the ACT or the SAT (RIP). The ACT and SAT essays themselves are very different from the type of writing that students do in school, and it only gets weirder: the GRE Analytical Writing section is as different from the ACT/SAT essays as the ACT/SAT essays are from English papers.

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