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When you choose a one-on-one program, you get our most personalized and comprehensive approach to test prep and tutoring. It’s all here: a team of Program Coordinators and Test Experts to guide you through the process, a world-class tutor to craft an individualized plan of attack, and the best materials and practice-test systems available.

The Best tutors. the highest scores. the quickest improvements.

At Inspirica, we believe that how you get a result is as important as the result itself, so our work centers on building the confidence and habits each student needs to meet any challenge head-on. Great scores are earned, and our tutors work every day to channel students’ hard work in the most productive and efficient direction possible. We’ve tutored all types of students – from those aiming for perfect scores on the ACT or SAT, to those looking to hit specific thresholds on the LSAT so that they can apply to the top law schools, and everything in between. Whatever your goals, with hard work and our help, your best score is within reach.

ACT/SAT Options

We have a range of options for our high school students prepping for the ACT or the SAT, each suited for a different learning style.  Courses vary in program-length and in the balance between small-group lessons and one-on-one tutoring, and all meetings of both types take place online.

Other test PREP options

For younger students looking for admission to private elementary and secondary schools, or for advanced students preparing for graduate school entrance exams, there is no better place for one-on-one prep than Inspirica. Learn about our tutoring process for these tests below.

No matter which test you are prepping for, a one-on-one tutoring program with Inspirica is a highly personal experience. Our test selection and tutor match process are about finding the combination of factors that will get the best result for our students, whatever their goals are. When you give us a call to set up a one-on-one program, here’s what you can expect.

Schedule a PHONE Consultation

Choose the day and time that works best for you and a member of our team will call to discuss your needs and begin customizing a program designed to achieve your goals. Calls typically last 20 minutes and include a discussion of every element found to the right.

The test selection process varies based on the program type.

For younger students seeking admission to private elementary and secondary schools, test selection is usually determined by the requirements of the schools to which the student intends to apply. This process can often be confusing, especially for parents going through the process for the first time, and we’re happy to talk you through what you need to know, up to and including connecting you with our network of outside advisers who can provide additional guidance throughout the process.

For high school students, test selection is an essential but far too often overlooked part of the admissions process. Since the early 2000s, colleges and universities across the United States have treated the ACT and the SAT as interchangeable options, leaving each student free to take the test that best fits his or her testing style. To help make that decision, our team of test experts developed the Agnostic Diagnostic, a proprietary tool that simulates all the sections of both the ACT and SAT in a single test session. Our team reviews each student’s results and then crafts a personalized report that includes starting score ranges and an individualized testing recommendation. We will review this report with you at no charge during a follow-up consultation.

For older students seeking admission to graduate schools, test selection is also becoming increasingly important. Just as many law schools now accept either GRE or LSAT scores, so too do many business schools now accept either the GMAT or GRE. And although most traditional graduate programs require the GRE, some require a GRE Subject Test as well. Whatever your individual needs, we’re happy to discuss them with you in order to build the perfect prep plan.

Once the test has been selected and the contours of the program have been outlined, we’ll get to work matching you with one of our world-class tutors. As the pricing section of this site details, we offer two different levels of tutors to choose from. All our tutors are among the very best at what they do, and each has been through an extensive process of training and mentoring from his or her first day on the job. We believe so deeply in the power of one-on-one tutoring, in fact, that we make one-on-one mentoring a part of all tutors’ regular responsibilities, no matter how long they’ve been with the company.

During the consultation process, we’ll discuss you or your child’s learning style and availability, and once you have selected your service level, we’ll work quickly to find just the right person who can meet on the days and times you need. This part of the process usually takes about 24 hours, and once the match has been made, we’ll introduce you to your tutor by email and the program will get underway!

Once you’ve been introduced to your tutor and scheduled your first session, we will send you a package of tutoring materials. This package includes both proprietary and third-party materials selected by our team of test experts, and every item that we include has been chosen by them as the best available tool for the job. For SSAT, ISEE, SAT, and ACT programs, we also give each student access to our digital curriculum and adaptive testing platform, which becomes an essential part of all students’ preparation as they work towards test day.

Because no two students and tutoring programs are the same, and because the needs of each student often change as the program evolves, we also provide all our tutors with access to a wealth of digital materials via the Inspirica Cloud. Throughout each program, our tutors use that system to supplement the materials provided to you at the start of the program, allowing them to carefully target their work to each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Last but certainly not least, each student will also have access to a suite of previously released official tests. These tests will be assigned by the tutor at regular intervals throughout the program as both full-length practice tests and homework assignments. We will make certain that you practice how you play and play how you practice, putting you in the best possible position to succeed on test day.

Tutors generally meet with their students every week, and sessions are either online or in-person depending on the choices made during the consultation process. Sessions are 90 minutes for SSAT and ISEE programs and two hours for all other types of programs, which provides enough time to complete a thorough review of the assigned homework and to introduce and review new strategies and content. Each session builds on the last and is tailored to the individual performance of each student every week, so no two programs are ever exactly alike.

As with any kind of training, the results that you see will depend in large part on the work that you put in between sessions. Homework is assigned by every tutor between every session, and during standardized test programs, each student typically takes one full practice test each month. These tests will in most cases be completed using our digital testing platform, which provides immediate access to the student’s results and provides the tutor with a wealth of analytics that will be used to shape the coming sessions and guide the program to its next test date.

There are certain aspects of taking a standardized test that are impossible to replicate through homework alone, which is one of the reasons that regular practice tests are a staple of our programs. Your tutor will help you set up a schedule of periodic mock tests that will give you the opportunity to practice the techniques you’ve learned in the context of a full test while also familiarizing you with the experience of taking the full test straight through. Then, you and your tutor will go over the results together in detail, using them to revise your practice plan; you’ll be able to see the product of your hard work and determine what part of the test to attack next.

For ISEE, SSAT, SAT, and ACT programs, you’ll take previously released official tests or high-quality third-party tests using the Test Innovators platform, which tracks your work in real time on a question-by-question basis, allowing you and your tutor to deconstruct your results in order to pinpoint exactly why and how your right answers were right and your wrong answers wrong. For graduate test programs, you’ll take official practice tests using the corresponding official testing platforms, preparing you for both the test and its delivery system before you sit for your first official test date.

Part of beating any test is giving yourself as many opportunities as necessary to succeed, so nearly every student takes the official test more than once, and many test up to three times before their prep program is complete. Particularly with the increased prevalence of superscoring, the process by which colleges combine scores from multiple test dates in order to produce your highest possible composite score, taking the test multiple times is a great way to maximize your improvement. Programs therefore have an average length of about three months, but many go shorter or longer, and as you work your tutor will work with you to assess and reassess your testing calendar. We want you to get your best possible score in as little time as possible, and we’ll never drag this process out to be any longer than it needs to be.

As a parent, you’ll be given access to Teachworks, the program-management and billing platform through which you will see a complete schedule of sessions, review your bi-weekly invoices, and update your credit card information. Teachworks is also the delivery mechanism for monthly feedback about your child’s program, wherein your tutor will write up detailed notes about progress in each section of the test and the plan of action moving forward.

We want this process to be as transparent and simple for you as possible. If you have questions about the tutoring process or would like additional feedback, your child’s tutor is never more than a phone call or email away; if you have questions or concerns about other aspects of the program, the same is true of our office staff. When you work with us, you get more than a great tutor: you get a team of people committed to helping your child succeed.

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