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$399 for two months

ESSENTIAL strategies

For each section of the test, we identify the tendencies of the test-writers, teach the tactics that take advantage of their predictability, and develop a plan of attack that with practice allow you to achieve your best possible score.

start any time, work at your own pace

Camps runs on a continuous basis, with each section repeated every four weeks. Sign up whenever you like and work at whatever pace is best for you.


Strategies are taught in live classes twice each week, with recordings of those classes available on-demand for those times when our schedule doesn't fit yours.

optional 1-on-1 Tutoring available

Breakout sessions are available for those who prefer a more guided approach to, providing you the opportunity review your performance on full-length practice tests with one of our course instructors.

Frequently asked questions

Inspirica’s SAT and ACT Boot Camps are designed based on one key fact: these tests are standardized. That means that even though each individual form of the test appears to be unique, in reality the test-writers simply use traps, tricks, and misdirection to disguise the fact that the content and question-types stay essentially the same across different versions of the test. Boot Camp takes advantage of that fact by focusing on three core strategies in each section of the test. These strategies are formulated to exploit the predictability that we just talked about. No matter who you are and no matter your strengths & weaknesses as a test-taker, the test itself doesn’t change, which means that these strategies can and will help you beat it.

The course is broken up into a repeating schedule of four 1-week intervals. Each week focuses on one section of the test and is comprised of three 1-hour sessions.

The first two sessions each week give you the goods: the three core strategies for the section, as well as any supplementary concepts and techniques you might need. One practice section is assigned for homework after each of those two sessions.

Then, the third and final session of each week is set aside to review that homework. Your instructor will be at your beck and call for an hour to answer any and all questions you have about the homework sections and make sure that you’re 100% comfortable with every strategy that was covered during that week’s sessions.

Absolutely not. The camp runs on a continuous basis, with every test section repeated every four weeks; you can sign up whenever you like and work at whatever pace is best for you. Attend both lecture sessions, complete both homework assignments, and come to the homework review session each week and you’ll finish the camp in a single month. If you can’t bear to spend only a month with us, or if life happens and you’re unable to put aside time for test prep for four straight weeks, just stick around and finish in two. And should you need more time than that, you can always purchase more at any time. We’ve designed it to work at whatever speed happens to be best for you.

Actually, it’s only $399 for two months, and should you need more time, you can always sign up for an additional two months at the end of your first subscription.

The SAT and ACT camps each have their own schedule, which can be found inside the course website under the Live Lecture Hall and Lesson Calendar tab. A preview of the upcoming classes can also be found on the sidebar to the right of this page.

We get it: you’re busy. All classes are run live and as small groups, however, so unfortunately they can’t be rescheduled to accommodate your individual needs.

Good news, though: you’ll have access to a complete library of session recordings for as long as your membership is active, so if you have a conflict with the schedule, you can make up any class you miss whenever and wherever you want. Seriously – do it on your roof at 3am. We don’t care.

Think of it like this: Boot Camp is an exercise class – it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll benefit from an hour on the stationary bike while a ponytailed man with great calves yells vaguely inspirational things at you from the front of the room.

If you want to work a specific muscle group, though, or you just really want to be shredded, the exercise class by itself might not be enough. In that case, you might hire a personal trainer so that you know you’ll be able to flex on fools once summer rolls around. The 1-on-1 sessions are basically personal training. So if you’re looking for killer definition in your testing triceps, a.k.a. individualized tips on how to improve your pacing in the ACT Math section, sign up for a 1-on-1 practice test review session.

It’s pretty simple:

  • You take a practice test, which gets scored automatically by our analytics platform.
  • You pick a session time that works for you and sign up for a session using our calendar.
  • One of our instructors sends you an online meeting-room link.
  • You use the link at your chosen date and time.
  • Your instructor reviews the practice test results with you in detail, answers any specific questions you have, and gives you personalized recommendations about how best to focus your preparation going forward.

The sessions are 90 minutes long and cost $279, which is less than you’d pay for an hour of tutoring at many prep companies. The sessions are only available to active Boot Camp subscribers and can be purchased from inside the course website.

If you’re reading this right now, then congratulations – you possess all the technology and skills needed to access the classes! All meetings take place via Zoom, a free video-conferencing platform that you can access directly in your web browser, and the Zoom client will download and install automatically when you join your class.

Basically, you click the meeting link and the big scary machine does the rest.