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Imagine that you have a math teacher who is just over it – been teaching for 50 years, went a little bit crazy a long time ago, and now is just waiting for retirement so that he can collect his pension and spend his days cooped up in his house talking to his collection of miniature ceramic cats. Now imagine that teacher is so washed that he hasn’t changed any of his tests for the last 15 years. Sure, maybe he switched some of the numbers and renamed some of the variables every year, but the core of the questions? “Been there, done that,” he thought to himself, so he never really changed them at all. That would make it pretty easy to study for the class, right? Find a friend who has an older brother or sister who took the class a few years back, get their tests, and voilà – instant A! Well, have we got good news for you: the ACT and SAT are both your crazy, ceramic-cat-collecting math teacher, we have his old tests, and we’re willing to tell you exactly what to expect on test day.

Your Crash Course for Test Day Success

ACT Boot Camp

SAT Boot Camp

Study When, Where, and How You Want

Inspirica’s Boot Camps are four-week crash courses in the essentials of taking the ACT and the SAT, taught live and online by the most experienced test-prep tutors in the business. Whether you’re preparing for your first test date or looking to raise your score after a couple of previous attempts, we’ll show you exactly how to spot and exploit the predictability of the test writers in every area of the test.

Each week we’ll focus on a single section of the test, teaching strategies designed by our test experts to meet the unique challenges of that section. Over the course of three 60-minute sessions, we’ll identify the tendencies of the test-writers, teach the tactics that take advantage of their predictability, and develop a plan of attack that with practice will allow you to achieve your best possible score on test day. 

Classes are scheduled with flexibility in mind. Because our camp runs on a continuous basis, with every test section repeated every four weeks, you can sign up whenever you like and work at whatever pace is best for you.

Each week features two presentations and one office hour. Each presentation covers a different topic and includes its own homework assignment, and during office hours you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about that week’s work. Attend both presentations, complete both homework assignments, and attend the office hour each week and you’ll finish the camp in a single month. Attend one presentation and the office hour each week and you’ll finish it in two months. We’ve designed these camps so that they work at whatever pace works best for you. And should the schedule of live sessions not work for you at any point, so long as your membership in the course is active, you’ll have access to a complete library of class recordings that will allow you to make up any sessions you miss at whatever times are most convenient for you.

All course materials are provided through this site, including official tests, workbooks, study guides, access to the live lecture hall, and the video archive. Homework is assigned at the end of each presentation so you can practice with a purpose. And during each class meeting, instructors provide plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get answers in real time, so you’ll be able to see and learn from the questions asked by other students taking the course along with you.

For those looking for additional support, we offer optional one-on-one sessions with our top tutors to review the results of your practice as your work your way to test day. In each of these sessions, you and your tutor will work through a complete question-by-question analysis of your performance on an official practice test, including timing data and a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses by question type and degree of difficulty, using Test Innovators, our online standardized testing and analytics platform.

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