If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years we’ve been working with students, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to test prep. From testing timeline to preferred format, there are a number of variables that affect how, when, and where each student is most likely to improve, and our ACT and SAT prep options are carefully crafted to reflect that fact.

Whether you’re looking for online or in-person, self-paced or tutor-guided, in-depth or a quick review, we’ve got something that will be perfect for you. The one constant is that every option is designed and taught by the best team in the business; that’s just as true today as it was 35 years ago. So whenever you’re starting, wherever you are, and however you work best, we’re here to help.

Four GREAT Options. One FANTASTIC Score.

Crash Course

One Night
  • A single 2-hour class covering essential strategies for every section of the test
  • Offered every Thursday and Friday prior to each test date
  • Choose the time that works best for you
  • Designed for last-minute review or those getting a very late start
  • Includes access to multiple sessions, so you can choose the one best for you
  • Complete the course and receive a 10% discount on Flex Prep

Rapid Prep

One Week
$ 249 FLAT FEE
  • A week-long series of classes, each class focused on two test sections
  • Begins every Monday prior to each test date
  • Multiple session times for you to choose from
  • Tools, tips, and tricks for those with limited time to prep
  • Includes access to Crash Course at no additional charge
  • Complete the course and receive a 20% discount on Flex Prep

Flex Prep

One to Two Months
$ 349 FLAT FEE
  • A month-long series of classes, each week focused on a single test section
  • Offered on a continuous basis: start any time
  • On-demand video library: work how and when you want
  • Can be completed in one month or two, it's entirely up to you
  • Includes access to Crash Course at no additional charge
  • Complete the course and receive a $250 credit towards One-on-One


Two to Four Months
$180 to $450 PER HOUR
  • A fully customized and comprehensive test prep experience
  • Offered online or in-person, at-home or in our offices
  • Tutor custom-matched to fit your unique needs
  • Pay as you go, with no upfront commitment of hours necessary
  • Includes access to Crash Course and Flex Prep at no additional charge
  • Save time and money with online-only sessions: now 10% off!

About the tests

The Structure of the Test is the challenge of the test

Although most of the concepts tested will be familiar to students, the format in which they appear will be new, making the structure of the test one of its most predictable challenges. This predictability is what makes these tests so amenable to preparation: with proper instruction and practice, students can learn to see through the test-writers’ misdirections to successfully answer questions that they would otherwise get wrong

Scores are calculated relative to other testers From Multiple Test Dates

Rather than compare testers against an objective set of standards, these tests instead compare students against one another. And because these tests are designed to serve the schools attracting the subset of students who are among the best in the nation, this subjective method of score calculation often results in scores well below what parents anticipate as they begin this process. This gap between expectations and reality can be closed with time and effort and is therefore a central focus of our test-prep programs.

Testing More Than Once Is To Your Advantage

Part of beating any test is giving yourself as many opportunities as necessary to succeed, and taking the test multiple times can be a great way to maximize chances for improvement. Planning a testing calendar well in advance of application deadlines therefore becomes an essential part of any preparation process, and our Program Coordinators are here to assist you every step of the way.

Every student will be better suited to one or the other test, but how can a you know which test to take without taking both multiple times and comparing the results? That’s where our Agnostic Diagnostic comes in.

How many times should I take the ACT/SAT? Why can’t I just do it once and be done?  How far apart should my test dates be spaced? Learn more here.

Big changes are in store for the ACT in the Fall of 2020, and if you prepare smart, they will almost certainly to your benefit. Learn what section-specific retesting will mean for you.

Unlike most tests, the ACT and SAT aren’t primarily testing your knowledge of facts or your ability to apply the concepts you’ve learned in school—the structure of the test is its primary challenge, and unless you prepare for that, you’ll never achieve your best score. Learn more.

Maybe you’ve heard that colleges prefer one test over another? Or that because the ACT includes science, only students who like  science should take that test? Or what about the idea that you have to prep for months to move your score? We’re here to set the record straight.

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